Villarta Carpentry

Past Projects

Summer 2009 - Worked in a stair building company in Ottawa.  Did everything from start to finish, except not from the the start to the finish.  I mostly specialized in the making of treads(laminating, forming, sanding, making mitered returns, etc... ), I also scraped stairs and readied them for refinishing and I participated a lot in repairs.

2009/12/15 - Small staircase with a curved bottom tread.  The riser was steam bent.  All made of solid wood, eastern white pine.  My partner kept the project.

2009/05/20 - Earnscliffe (British High Commissioner's  house) is a Victorian manor in Ottawa located next to the King-Edward Bridge.  Our college was sent a finial and Pendant that needed to be restored and reproduced.  I took liberty of finding out more through the National archives with my partner Luc.  We found plans of the house.  Therefore we were able to more accurately reproduce missing details on the finials.

 - Craftsman style fireplace mantle.  Made by 3 other students and myself.  All basswood, and solid wood, no plywood.  Inspired by a Fine Woodworking article, but they would make a plywood box and veneer it with the wood.  We actually made every single mortise and tenons.

2010/05/31 - Two staircases for my cousin's new house.  One in the garage and one for the deck in the back of the house.  The previous stairs were badly designed or altered.  one lead into the wall with random rises and the other was way to steep with short and sloped treads.

2009/11/02 - Design then make window casing (I made most of mine with my Stanley 55 combination handplane) including stool and apron.  Made from Basswood.

2010/01/20 - Moulding repairs.   We hit our molding once on the edge and once on the face.  Can you find the repairs?  once painted they are invisible.

2009/10/18 - molding and casing profile recording.  This is a mid 1800's Ontario cottage house.  I had the liberty a recording all the different moldings inside the house and creating drafting drawings from my notes.  These notes could be used to reproduce or manufacture more molding.

2009/11/12 - A 12' x 16' Timber-frame structure inspired by Jack Sobon's timberframe book.  I made a full rafter, participated in a top plate, and participated in a collar tie.  the barn raising took place at the same time as we took down the one from the previous year. 

Thanks Melissa for the group photo.

2010/04/19 - Cedar shingles on the roof of a shed.  

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